How the World Wide Web has impacted news

By Linda Bright | March 2019

As someone who started her journalism career using a manual typewriter, I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. I can still remember phoning through stories to copy-taking telephonists when the newspaper was on deadline; and driving batches of … Read More

A glass of ‘occasionality’ please

By Gary Vyse | March 2019

“Occasionality”? No, me neither. Apparently it’s the new buzz word from Heineken, which is seeking to differentiate itself from competitors with its new non-alcohol beer offering. According to Heineken CMO Jonnie Cahill, occasionality is that one word he would use … Read More

Why being human is best for PR

By Linda Bright | February 2019

As property PR specialists we’re often writing about developments, homes and interiors but every now and then a fantastic human interest story comes along. Very recently I was proud and privileged to be involved in a road naming ceremony where … Read More

Double fault for Andy Murray

By Mary Anderson | February 2019

Last week wasn’t a good week for Andy Murray. First the drop shot, an X-ray of his hip-resurfacing procedure at a London clinic swiftly posted on Instagram. Then the fault – when followers delighted in telling him they could see his … Read More

Arm yourself with ideas

By Rachael Bruce | January 2019

“Improvise, adapt and overcome” may be the unofficial slogan of the US Marines, but it’s also how PR professionals have navigated through the changing media landscape. In the battle to raise the profile of our clients, our performance is no … Read More

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