A healthy celebration

By Rachael Bruce | July 2018

The bold statement that the NHS would become “the envy of the world” is one that is still talked about today – 70 years after the creation of the service. Nye Bevan made the claim at a time when few … Read More

Poor taste lingers from World Cup burger campaign

By Gary Vyse | June 2018

From the searing heat of Sochi to the cooler climes of St Petersburg, all eyes are on this year’s World Cup hosts Russia – whether it’s the games being played on the pitch or wider interest in this enormous country’s … Read More

Northern Rail – #PRFail

By Linda Bright | June 2018

I’m unlucky enough to live in the Northern Rail franchise area. While not a frequent user of their services myself, countless friends have complained about cancelled journeys, late arrivals and jam-packed trains. This week, Northern newspapers took the unprecedented step … Read More

Was the Royal Wedding the world’s best transatlantic PR campaign?

By Mary Anderson | May 2018

Almost 30 million US viewers alone tuned in to see Californian Meghan Markle marry Prince Harry. Palace press officers must have celebrated … the TV audience was even greater than numbers who watched Prince William and Kate’s nuptials. Who can … Read More

Use the positive power of events to pep up your PR

By Kate Logan | May 2018

The UK summer may be sporadic in terms of sunshine but when it comes to events 2018 is shaping up to be a red-hot year. The feel good vibes that events bring with them are often irresistible to those of … Read More

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