Perfect timing

By Rachael Bruce | November 2017

Time is relative, as Einstein once said. It’s a human construct that allows us to differentiate between the past, present and future. We use seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years to measure the passing of time and have … Read More

The half-baked truth

By Alison Lawton | November 2017

The term ‘Fake News’ has officially been welcomed into the Collins dictionary having had somewhat of a rise to prominence over the past 12 months or so, thanks to a certain Mr Trump. In a lovely use of accidental irony, … Read More

A not-so-new approach to working in PR

By Linda Bright | October 2017

We’re currently looking for a new account manager and one recruitment agent we spoke to seemed taken aback that it was a largely home-based role. When we explained it was something we’d done successfully for eight years he sat up … Read More

Your chance to work in public relations – from home

By Linda Bright | October 2017

Are you an experienced PR practitioner keen to swap your commute for a better work/life balance? Active PR is a North West-based PR agency with a difference. We’re looking for a talented, creative and self-motivated PR account manager to join … Read More

Conservatives’ bitter-sweet sponsorship deal

By Kate Logan | October 2017

Amid extensive media coverage of coughing fits, falling signs and P45 pranks, you could say the choice of sponsor for The Conservative Annual Party Conference went somewhat under the radar – but even that drew criticism in a week where … Read More

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