The ‘storification’ of social media

By Gary Vyse | January 2019

Nothing beats listening to a good story – whether it’s memories of a relative sitting down with us to read a hardback book of children’s tales, hearing the latest gossip in a pub or café with our friends or connecting … Read More

It’s Christmas! Eat, drink and be merry – but please think of others

By Linda Bright | December 2018

Christmas is supposed to be an exciting, fun and present-filled time of the year with everyone surrounded by family on the big day.  But that’s not the reality for many. In fact the fantasy image served up by marketeers only … Read More

Why I’m using tinsel to spruce up my tree!

By Mary Anderson | December 2018

Teaching me the finer points of how to decorate a Christmas tree, a very talented interior designer told me that tinsel was a no-go.  My face blushed as bright as twinkling lights as I denied my own creation contained the … Read More

Ensuring events aren’t unexpectedly eventful

By Rachael Bruce | November 2018

Event management is part and parcel of a PR professional’s role. When I joined the Active PR team I had a baptism of fire with my first event, assisting one of the directors at a road-naming ceremony where I ended … Read More

A bad ‘pizza’ publicity taking its toll

By Gary Vyse | November 2018

Pizza chain Papa John’s has recently announced a loss of $20 million in quarterly financial returns. Its sunken income is being attributed to a storm of bad publicity earlier this year when its founder, John Schnatter, was caught on a … Read More

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