Hope Hicks – a force to be reckoned with?

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They say you know you are getting old when policemen start looking young, but what does it mean when the White House director of communications looks young enough to still be fresh out of high school?

Hope Hicks, who resigned as Trump’s top aide after admitting telling white lies for the president, is, in fact, 29.

Striking looking, admired by her imperious colleagues, statuesque Hope, is the embodiment of the PR and communications industry in Britain – the female-led business has an average age of 28.  More than 90% employed in the industry are white and just short of that percentage are British, according to the PRCA (The Public Relations and Communications Association).

In contrast, in America, the most influential PR people behind corporate America are virtually all over the age of 40.

So clearly Hicks has many more years left in the industry, with insiders saying there is fierce competition for corporations to snap her up.

Knowing that President Trump’s communication directors only last typically a number of days,  no doubt Hicks, who is said to have resigned, will join a long list of his advisors finding themselves out in the cold.

I think it’s safe to say they will be the authors of some fascinating books in the future.