Paws for thought about the Strictly cat!

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I’m ashamed to admit that I was one of the extra one million viewers who tuned in to Strictly Come Dancing to watch Seann Walsh and Katya Jones do their dance of shame.

Not normally one for the sequins and sambas, I was one of almost 10 million who had become fascinated by the coverage which followed on from that illicit snog.

Entertainment journalists had a fresh update each day and the public/media couldn’t get enough.

Comedian Seann and dance partner Katya Jones kissed in the streets of London. Were they honestly expecting to get away with it? Anyway, this was, unbelievably, on the day of the birthday of his long term partner Rebecca Humphries, who, just the night before, had sobbed as she watched them perform on the show.

Two days later, Rebecca accused her boyfriend of ‘controlling’ behaviour, and says he had been calling her a ‘psycho’ over her suspicions.

Delighted writers took on the issue of controlling partners, even discussing how she had supposedly taken their jointly owned pet cat as revenge, thus Strictly hit the headlines each day.

Reports emerged that the producers had made the proposed dance by Seann and Katya less sexy, with straight-laced outfits.  What we do know is that they moved their part of the show to the last dance to make johnny-come-lately viewers like me, wait a whole hour.

Bit by bit the story unravelled, with seasoned dancers on the show moaning it was taking the focus away from the entertainment.

Sadly, what we all forgot, well certainly me anyway, is that behind the scandal there is real heartache for all those involved, their partners and families.  Not to forget the cat.