10 good reasons your brand needs PR

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Time flies when you’re having fun.
This month I’m celebrating 10 years of working at Active PR.
Like many of my colleagues and contemporaries I moved into public relations from journalism.
Having a nose for news means I’m adept at identifying a hook to promote a client’s business whatever that may be. But over the course of the last decade there have been lots of changes to the role of a PR pro and what makes the news, with social media now a bigger driver than ever.
Back in 2009 the “smartphone war” was between Apple and Blackberry, whereas now Samsung is widely considered the biggest rival to the iPhone. My then-work phone had a slide-out keyboard and it was a time when you would log in and out of Facebook rather than having the app running all the time.
While the technology and mediums we use to promote clients have changed the basic premise of why a business needs PR hasn’t.
Here are 10 reasons why your brand needs PR.
1. To establish and maintain brand reputation
2. To communicate key messages with consumers and stakeholders across multiple channels
3. To control messages
4. To strengthen community relations
5. To promote your brand values
6. It can be more cost effective than advertising
7. It can help reduce the impact of a crisis
8. To make your business social
9. To establish expertise in your industry
10. Search engine optimisation from brand visibility