Active PR’s new year resolutions

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With the New Year upon us (and to talk about something other than the election!) it’s time to look at our new year’s resolutions and what we can do differently in 2020.


The first pro-vegan TV advert is due to launch between Christmas and New Year to coincide with the launch of Veganuary on January 1.

According to Talking Retail, the number of people who have already signed up has reached 65,000 with an overall number of 350,000 targeted, to participate.

Over the last few years, we have definitely seen a rise in popularity for veganism with foods and tips and tricks to ditching meat and dairy products becoming much more accessible.

One of the main aspects being used to promote veganism is to fight climate chaos in the kitchen.

The aim of Veganuary is to introduce plant-based eating to those who are intrigued and allow them to be introduced to it for a short period of time to experiment with recipes and ideas.

Say goodbye to single use plastic

We’re all probably more than aware (or should be) of the threat to our wildlife and oceans that plastic poses.

In 2020 Greenpeace are urging us to ditch single use plastic – bags, cups, straws, bottles and instead use canvas bags and reusable coffee cups/water bottles.

Take time for yourself

Maybe most importantly, we could all probably learn how to do more for ourselves! In today’s busy world, we’re non-stop and constantly on the move. Whether that be with work or family, people’s expectations can sometimes mean we don’t take time for ourselves to have some chill time.

Mindfulness expert Pedram Shojai suggests organising your activities into chunks of time, such as time with the kids and cooking time, and then “commit to being focused in those allotted minutes and see what happens.”

So all that is left to say is a very Happy Christmas from everyone at Active PR.

See you in 2020!