Are women leading the way in Covid-19 battle?

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As a female-led business we’ve found ourselves drawn to headlines about how countries led by women are faring better in the battle against Coronavirus.
Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan, for example, are all credited with having acted swiftly and effectively in the bid to combat the crisis.
Early intervention measures in Taiwan are said to have controlled the pandemic successfully; Germany has overseen the largest-scale testing programme in Europe; and New Zealand’s prime minister took early and decisive action to shut down tourism and impose a month-long lockdown.
Taiwan was so well prepared it’s now said to be donating 10 million much-needed masks to other countries including our own.
Four of the five Nordic countries have female leaders. Sweden, with its male head of state and more relaxed approach to social distancing, has experienced the highest Coronavirus death rate of the five.
Opinions on why women leaders are faring so much better vary wildly – do women have a unique leadership style that thrives in a crisis? Have some male leaders like Donald Trump and Boris Johnson been guilty of ‘science-denialism’ and refusing to accept the severity of the issue until it was too late?
Of course there are examples of male leaders credited with performing well, such as South Korea’s president Moon Jae-in, praised for flattening the curve of infections in his country through widespread testing. Although interestingly it was the country’s female foreign minister who explained his country’s approach at a virtual World Economic Forum COVID Task Force meeting
Are women more honest, more trustworthy, more decisive as an article in Forbes suggests? Are they better leaders because they’ve had to work harder to be where they are? Or, are arguments like this sexist and damaging as argued by British political internet magazine Spiked?
Being an all-female management team at Active PR was never a conscious decision, it just happened; and we’re happy to accept there are good and bad leaders of both sexes. Nevertheless we can’t help feeling a little bit proud of and inspired by all those women who are currently wielding their power in such a positive way.
Let’s hope it continues and, in the meantime, stay safe, stay home, save lives.