See the positives in our new situation

By Philippa Probert | March 2020

We’re already hearing stories about how the world is slowly being able to recuperate since lockdowns have taken place in countries all over the globe. With less people out and about roads are quieter and air is cleaner, Venice’s usual … Read More

A healthy approach to home working

By Rachael Bruce | March 2020

WORKING from home is being mooted as a means to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with businesses around the world encouraging staff to stay at home. Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft, are among the companies who are encouraging workers … Read More

What’s in a name?

By Kate Logan | February 2020

As we brainstormed website ideas at a recent team meeting, conversation turned to a whether we would consider a rebrand. And whether we should *dramatic pause* change our name… It turns out we’re all quite attached to ‘Active’, but it … Read More

Does PR need PR?

By Rachael Bruce | January 2020

Some occupations are easier to explain than others. My mum was a nurse – she worked in a hospital, looking after children who were very poorly. Friends has parents who were shop assistants, teachers, bankers and a variety of other … Read More


By Linda Bright | January 2020

With 10 million followers on Instagram, a slick new website, trademarks for their clothing range and lucrative partnerships lined up, the newly formed Sussex Royal brand seems to have hit many of the PR measurement milestones. Certainly, there’s a tick … Read More

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