Did Derbyshire police purposely court PR backlash?

By Linda Bright | January 2021

Derbyshire police found themselves in the headlines after fining two women for driving five miles to walk at a local beauty spot. The takeaway coffees they’d brought with them were deemed to be a ‘picnic’ and therefore flouting the rules. … Read More

A story of a Covid-19 vaccine and its PR journey

By Philippa Probert | December 2020

How could we write our December blog about anything else other than the Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine breakthrough? And whatever your views are of the approved vaccine, press coverage it has been very interesting to follow. A vaccine to battle Covid-19 … Read More

The Internet: Good, bad or an alien life form?

By Linda Bright | November 2020

Earlier this week a friend shared this footage from 1999 of the late, great David Bowie being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman. In it he says: “The potential of what the internet is going to do to society, both good and … Read More

Harnessing the power and creativity of influencers

By Kate Logan | October 2020

Influencer marketing is big business. The UK’s biggest companies are using influencer power to reach customers and build their brands. But is influencer marketing something every brand should be considering? While it may have more obvious benefits to those in … Read More

Exploring how advertising has changed during Covid-19

By Philippa Probert | October 2020

I’ve been really intrigued over recent weeks at seeing how brands are incorporating coronavirus realities into their new ads. I remember seeing an advert for a train operator at the start of lockdown with the message of bringing people together and thinking … Read More

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