Why good news matters

By Rachael Bruce | September 2020

From Captain, now Major Sir, Tom’s fundraising to communities coming together to support one another, there has been some good news during the pandemic. While the war veteran’s epic walk captured our hearts and imaginations, the feel good factor it … Read More

The future of PR in a post-lockdown world

By Philippa Probert | August 2020

If, like me, you’re shocked at how long life has felt like it’s been on pause for thanks to the pandemic, you’ve probably wondered if things will ever get back to ‘normal’. And while some of us might prefer for … Read More

Are women leading the way in Covid-19 battle?

By Linda Bright | April 2020

As a female-led business we’ve found ourselves drawn to headlines about how countries led by women are faring better in the battle against Coronavirus. Germany, New Zealand and Taiwan, for example, are all credited with having acted swiftly and effectively … Read More

See the positives in our new situation

By Philippa Probert | March 2020

We’re already hearing stories about how the world is slowly being able to recuperate since lockdowns have taken place in countries all over the globe. With less people out and about roads are quieter and air is cleaner, Venice’s usual … Read More

A healthy approach to home working

By Rachael Bruce | March 2020

WORKING from home is being mooted as a means to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus, with businesses around the world encouraging staff to stay at home. Twitter, Facebook and Microsoft, are among the companies who are encouraging workers … Read More

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