Why everything’s not peachy at Peachy

By Mary Anderson | March 2019

Payday loan companies aren’t known for their morally responsible marketing code, but short term lenders peachy.co.uk have gone a step too far. Warning about the threat of Brexit, their advert encouraged taking out a loan in case of emergency food … Read More

How the World Wide Web has impacted news

By Linda Bright | March 2019

As someone who started her journalism career using a manual typewriter, I’ve seen a lot of changes over the years. I can still remember phoning through stories to copy-taking telephonists when the newspaper was on deadline; and driving batches of … Read More

A glass of ‘occasionality’ please

By Gary Vyse | March 2019

“Occasionality”? No, me neither. Apparently it’s the new buzz word from Heineken, which is seeking to differentiate itself from competitors with its new non-alcohol beer offering. According to Heineken CMO Jonnie Cahill, occasionality is that one word he would use … Read More

Why being human is best for PR

By Linda Bright | February 2019

As property PR specialists we’re often writing about developments, homes and interiors but every now and then a fantastic human interest story comes along. Very recently I was proud and privileged to be involved in a road naming ceremony where … Read More

Double fault for Andy Murray

By Mary Anderson | February 2019

Last week wasn’t a good week for Andy Murray. First the drop shot, an X-ray of his hip-resurfacing procedure at a London clinic swiftly posted on Instagram. Then the fault – when followers delighted in telling him they could see his … Read More

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