Hogwash, twaddle and codswallop – why they’ve no place in PR

By Kate Logan | July 2014

Some people may sneer when I, as a PR professional, say that I can’t abide fluff in press releases. Unfortunately a small minority of people working in PR give the rest of us a bad name by overusing rhetoric, flowery … Read More

Who’s sorry now?

By Mary Anderson | July 2014

It’s five letters and just one word, yet some of our most erudite politicians and outspoken celebrities and brands still seem to struggle saying ‘sorry.’ Now a new Pantene commercial has been made to tell women to stop apologising.  Apparently … Read More

Is a single word worth it?

By Alison Lawton | June 2014

I’m a bit of a chatterbox but even I’m aware that there are plenty of situations where you can get by on a single word. A scream for ‘help’ maybe or a cheery ‘hello’ as you pass someone in the … Read More

Football frenzy marketing reaches fever pitch

By Rachael Bruce | June 2014

Whether you’re a football fan or not, the World Cup is big business. Football themed marketing campaigns kicked off long before the first match did, with ZenithOptimedia reporting it will generate $1.5 billion in advertising spending globally. And while the … Read More

Why flexible working works best

By Linda Bright | June 2014

Whenever I tell friends that I frequently “work from home” it’s often met with raised eyebrows and comments about watching too much daytime TV. “Where do I find the discipline – or motivation?” they ask. When I mention that all … Read More

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