Corporate social responsibility – not just a PR exercise

By Kate Logan | June 2014

The value a business places on helping others is often seen as a benchmark by which their reputation is measured. It’s logical to deduce that companies who support community and charitable organisations, care for the environment and put people before … Read More

Does bad publicity affect popularity?

By Alison Lawton | May 2014

It’s often said that the only thing that’s worse than being talked about, is not being talked about. In the world of PR, it could almost be reassuring to think that whatever happens, coverage is coverage. But although sometimes bad … Read More

APR’s got the key to the door

By Mary Anderson | May 2014

It’s a huge milestone for a PR company to celebrate 21 years in business. Factor in that we have survived a global recession, whilst working for one of the industries hardest hit by the economic meltdown, and it’s a miracle … Read More

Is saying nothing a good tactic?

By Rachael Bruce | May 2014

When it comes to public perception journalists and estate agents are said to be amongst the most loathed professionals according to a YouGov poll. The phone hacking scandal certainly hasn’t helped the public image of journalists but contrary to popular … Read More

Ignore the power of social media at your peril

By Kate Logan | May 2014

You may already embrace it or you may still be avoiding it but there’s no denying social media is fast becoming one of the biggest influencers on our lives today. 53% of UK adults are now regular users and it’s … Read More

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