Who should you trust with your social media accounts?

By Kate Logan | October 2013

Unless you’ve been living as a hermit for the last three years, you’ll know social media is quickly and not so quietly taking over the world. As well as being a major source of news, it regularly makes headlines in … Read More

Viral videos aren’t everyone’s cup of tea

By Rachael Bruce | October 2013

With more than 18 million youtube ‘hits’ in a matter days, video footage of a stunt to promote the latest film adaptation of Carrie has gone viral. The team behind the video, Telekinetic Coffee Shop Surprise, took over a coffee … Read More

What does a PR agency actually do?

By Rory Anderson | October 2013

As the traditional press face tougher criticism and regulation, it’s easy to see why so many questions are starting to be asked about the role of PR agencies. With revelations in last year’s Leveson Inquiry hardly doing our industry any … Read More

Is The Media Creating The Next Housing Boom?

By Linda Bright | September 2013

There’s been lots of media coverage about housing market recovery over the last few weeks. Suddenly there’s a feeling that if you don’t make that move now you might not be able to afford to very soon. Experts everywhere are … Read More

Do Journalists Make Good PR People?

By Linda Bright | September 2013

We’ve always made a big deal of the fact our professional team is made up of experienced and qualified journalists. With the three founding directors coming from a media background it’s understandable that we’re passionate about the role of good … Read More

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