When personal views become public

By Rachael Bruce | November 2013

THESE days reality TV contestants are transformed into celebrities almost overnight only to disappear into obscurity before the next series has even started.  So, the fact that Katie Hopkins continues to make headlines more than six years after appearing in … Read More

How to sell your press release to a digital journalist

By Rory Anderson | November 2013

We all know the life of a hack isn’t what it used to be. In an age where local publications are closing, and big newspaper budgets shrink relentlessly, the old glamour has been replaced by graft. Schmoozing contacts? No time. … Read More

Does spelling and good grammar still matter?

By Linda Bright | October 2013

Colleagues  will tell you I’m a stickler for good grammar and correct use of the English language, with misuse of apostrophes and the phrase ‘very unique’ two of my pet peeves … it’s either unique or it isn’t! But with … Read More

Do women make better PR people than men?

By Mary Anderson | October 2013

As a PR business where the majority of staff are females, we are often asked why we employ mostly women. So do women make better PR people? According to the Chartered Institute of Public Relations, those who want to work … Read More

Who should you trust with your social media accounts?

By Kate Logan | October 2013

Unless you’ve been living as a hermit for the last three years, you’ll know social media is quickly and not so quietly taking over the world. As well as being a major source of news, it regularly makes headlines in … Read More

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