Coming clean about marketing

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WHEN it comes to establishing a brand, social media channels are at the fore of the marketing mix, but with some well-known brands abandoning this medium is it time to re-think your strategy?

It’s been 12 months since pub chain JD Wetherspoon called time on its social accounts and while the company’s outspoken founder Tim Martin continues to make headlines in the traditional print and broadcast media, the chain is set to close 16 of its pubs.

While this is perhaps linked more to the nation’s increasing health-conscious than the brand’s lack of social media presence, the fact that many of its competitors including independents have built up a good rapport with social media savvy drinkers and dining is likely to be a contributing factor.

And just this week, Lush, the high street chain famous for getting under shoppers noses, announced it too was abandoning its social channels. Lush said it was “tired of fighting with algorithms” and didn’t want to pay to appear in news feeds and would instead talk to the “Lush Community” directly via live chat on its own platforms rather than social media, while increasing its emphasis on influencer marketing.

L’Oreal group, the world’s largest cosmetics company reportedly spends half of its marketing budget on social media and consider influencers as an extension to its marketing teams.

At a time when YouTubers and the Insta-famous are creeping in to mainstream media, including the latest celebrity spin-offs of your favourite reality TV show, it’s no surprise that those with a high number of followers are being approached by brands to help keep their business in the public eye.

Make-up tutorials are big business and the top beauty influencers earn hundreds of thousands of pounds from their online posts.

In January the Advertising Standards Agency announced that more than 200 influencers had been cautioned about paid posts.

Yet a BBC Radio 4 survey found that the vast majority of people aren’t always clear when an influencer has been paid to promote a product.

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