Did someone say party season?

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FROM festive fundraisers to product launches and family gatherings or holidays with friends, the principles of event management are broadly the same.
Just like a media release or news story, it’s all about who, what, where, why, when and how.
Once you’ve covered those bases you can start organising your event.
After a busy few weeks organising seasonal activities for clients, I thought I’d share my tips to event planning.
1. Be prepared Planning and preparation are key when managing events. At Active PR we’re big fans of lists when planning an event. They help keep track of what’s been booked and what needs to be briefed in.
2. Keep in touch Depending on the scale of the event and the timing, it could be weeks or months between sourcing suppliers and the event itself. Remember to check in with them at least a few days before to ensure everything’s in place.
3. Have a back-up plan Things don’t always run smoothly, but if you’re prepared you can hopefully overcome any issues. Skinny Santa? Cushions can help given the illusion of a more rotund physique! One of the team always carries strong tape, in case something comes apart or a ribbon can’t be tied.
4. Think on your feet Quick-thinking can make the best out of a bad situation. A fanfare from a brass musician certainly draws people’s attention to listen to speeches if you suddenly find you don’t have access to a microphone!
5. Dress appropriately For outdoor events in winter, I’m a fan of slipper socks and lined innersoles inside my boots. Fingerless gloves are another must-have for easy access to touch screen phones to check in with suppliers. Branded umbrellas are must all-year round in case of rain.
Events are hard work but when a plan comes together and you see people enjoying themselves it makes it all worthwhile. The feel good factor and power of positivity from an event can be a real boost to a brand.
Want to host an event but don’t want the hassle of organising it yourself? Invite the Active PR team to help out.