Double fault for Andy Murray

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Last week wasn’t a good week for Andy Murray. First the drop shot, an X-ray of his hip-resurfacing procedure at a London clinic swiftly posted on Instagram.

Then the fault – when followers delighted in telling him they could see his private parts too.

The 31-year-old Wimbledon champion hadn’t realised fans wouldn’t be looking at his hospital gown or the cannula in his arm, but his ‘twig and giggle berries’ as one follower delightedly highlighted.

Next, a group of American medics took to social media to criticise Murray’s doctors for making several mistakes with his post-operative treatment.

Maybe Murray was still groggy from the anaesthetic – but he certainly isn’t the first celebrity to prematurely post.

Red-faced Rita Ora promised to drop her new song if she got 100,000 retweets but her followers clearly weren’t eager to hear and only 1,000 did the deed.

Embarrassed Kim Kardashian misspelt Giorgio Armani’s name when asking him a favour on Twitter and actor Charlie Sheen posted his number when he merely intended to DM it to Justin Bieber.

And as for Donald Trump, where do we begin?

So what do we do if we hit send too soon?   We could always follow Rita Ora’s advice by playing the blame game and say hackers were responsible.