Exploring how advertising has changed during Covid-19

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I’ve been really intrigued over recent weeks at seeing how brands are
incorporating coronavirus realities into their new ads.

I remember seeing an advert for a train operator at the start of lockdown with the message of bringing people together and thinking ‘what bad timing for a campaign’ when we were all being told to stay apart.

However since then, many brands have altered their messaging in order to keep with the times while still being relevant and promoting themselves.

Lots of food brands such as Domino’s and McDonald’s have changed their messaging to ‘order online, we deliver’ and ‘see you at the drive thru’. And maybe one of the best campaigns was done by KFC who halted their ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ message in a bid to reflect hygiene advice.

Car brands have also got on board and even encouraged audiences to stay home. One Audi advert showed the four rings that usually overlap, all separated from one another with the message of ‘Audi, keep distance.’

Hotels.com changed their strapline from ‘wake up happy’ to ‘just stay home’ which even though this may have resulted in people not using their service, it helped them to stay relevant during lockdown.

During a time where consumers may be more wary of how and where they spend their money, I know that for me personally, when I see a brand that is able to adapt and also have some fun with their messaging, I remember these over any competition!