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The US Secret Service must have thought they had seen it all until their agents had to resolve a PR dispute.

New White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham was involved in a ‘brawl’ with Kim Jong Un’s minders, in a bid to deny access to the waiting media.

The 42 year old dramatically shoved the guards aside when they tried to block reporters from filming Trump’s historic visit to North Korea. and promptly told a US camera crew to ‘go, go’.

Once she had succeeded in giving the media access, Secret Service agents stepped in to deal with the guards from the Supreme Leader’s team, while Ms Grisham was left with bruises from the scuffle.

This dedication to the ‘story’ and the press, will come as no surprise to reporters, who like her, apparently. She’s done everything from feeding them cookies, to answering a question on an orange that was propelled towards her. And such is her devotion to the Trump cause, she actually didn’t see her sons for months during his election campaign.

All this made me think what I had done for a ‘story’. Strangely enough, most of my scuffles involve animals; walking an elephant down a high street for a store opening, stroking a camel to calm him during a theme park launch or even trying to get a dog to look like he was driving a car. I was involved with a scuffle with an East German guard and a bottle of vodka once, but that’s another story…

Anyway, hats off to Stephanie. I’m sure she has even more fans in the press corp. now and even more in the PR industry. We just hope the Secret Service will be on our side too!