Has royal PR made her five minute mistake?

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American philanthropist Warren Buffett once said ‘it takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.’

Has his fellow countrywoman, royal PR guru Sara Latham, never heard the quote?

Meghan and Harry’s Head of Communications has been at the helm for just a few months, yet has presided over more PR blunders than President Trump.

First, she blamed a technical fault at Windsor, when emails to media outlets announcing the royal Mum to be had gone into labour, failed to arrive, or dropped just after Sky News had announced the birth of baby Archie.

IT has caused chaos with many an anticipated announcement and many PR professionals must have said ‘there by the grace’ ….

Then when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge mistakenly were named as the newborn’s parents, doubt began to creep in about the team’s capabilities.

But when Ms Latham was caught sprinting out the way to avoid the photographer’s image of the new family, we couldn’t help but ask if she was the right woman for the job.

Having worked for Clinton and Obama, Sara Latham has experience in spades. She’s overseen huge US presidential campaigns, so it’s easy to see how she got the Royal gig.

But can an American possibly understand the pomp and ceremony, public paranoia and media meddling behind members of the Windsor family and royal births?

After seeing almost as much coverage for her gaffs as the birth of the youngest royal, I had to ask if she has upset the UK media so much, they’re scrutinising her every move and just waiting for her to make a mistake?

Good luck Sara, I’m afraid you may have a thankless task on your hands.