Outdoor spaces and how they are being transformed

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Transformation of public spaces into areas that are alive with activity is something we’re seeing more and more of. Public space has always been a crucial part of society but today we are seeing these spaces be utilised in brand new ways that are bringing communities together.
By communities we don’t necessarily mean where you live but it could be work communities too. City Centre space is constantly being adapted into numerous uses that enable everyone to make use of them and, whether it’s obvious or not, contribute to our well-being and positive mental health.
On July 22 2019, London was officially named the world’s first National Park City in an effort to support the city’s mission to transform into a greener, healthier and wilder place.
Since the announcement a number of cities including Glasgow, Scotland and Newcastle upon Tyne have joined the movement, launching campaigns to become the UK’s next National Park City.
If outside space is appealing, safe from vehicles, and has both a day and night-time economy it will be buzzing with activity throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. London’s Sky Garden offers sunrise yoga, Manchester’s Media City has its outdoor space consistently transformed. Pop up bars, outdoor cinemas and children’s play areas are just some of the ways space is being used. Even a simple idea of putting seating in an area close to offices will give workers the chance to take a break and sit outside in the fresh air during lunch- something we probably all need to do more off!