Philippa’s first Active PR blog

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I thought I would use my first Active blog as a way to introduce myself as the newest member of the team.

Having worked in property PR for the last (almost) 5 years, I’m very much looking forward to a new challenge and getting stuck into life here at Active.

The property industry is one I’m very passionate about and one subject that is continuously discussed is how technology is positively changing, and strengthening, relationships between developers and consumers.

We are now able to buy homes off-plan, which isn’t a new thing, but today we have systems such as virtual reality (VR) headsets that allow potential buyers to walk around homes even before the foundations have been laid. Not only that, but while walking through their potential homes-to-be, customers can change wallpaper colours, flooring options and even see what furniture looks like in rooms.

Software like VR can also come into play further down the development line with estate agents including videos of what homes will look like on their websites so buyers can see straight away what homes are like.
Time-lapse cameras are now being installed on sites so the whole build process can be captured from breaking ground to topping out to completion. Systems like this open channels of communication between development teams to the buyer market as well as building on the excitement for when the scheme completes. Drones also tie into this as they can be used at various stages of the development to take photos from the sky, once the development completes the photos can then be arranged into a short animation showing the complete journey.

We’re not just seeing technological advancements in the resi sector but it is also making life in the commercial/ office world much easier and flexible. Office spaces come with apps through which staff can book meeting spaces and sign up to wellness classes allowing tenants to utilise the space efficiently.

Technology in the property industry is allowing the consumer to become much more involved in the process of finding a home and then following their next homes journey from build through to completion. There is a vast number of tools developers can now use that go hand in hand with social media and the awareness that platform brings. Let’s see what else happens in this industry over the next few years.