Photography for a multi-media world

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We all know the saying “a picture paints a thousand words” but for today’s PR professional, it must also suit what feels like a thousand platforms!

Long gone are the days when we solely commissioned photography for press use, where a lively image and a sparkly caption were all that were required – we must now brief photographers to capture a range of images for multi-media use.

From the major social platforms of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram, which all require a slightly different ‘tone’ for images, to corporate websites, company intranet pages and blogs – we must ensure we have a photo for every possible application.

And then there’s video too, but we’ll save that for another blog!

Often, more than one type of photo will be required even when the subject matter is essentially the same. For example, if an employee has won an award, we may need them in a variety of settings to cover all bases from corporate to informal. Some with company logos and others with no trace of commercial branding.

Many social media platforms will require a subject matter and style all of their very own. Take Instagram – if your photos don’t reflect the aspirational lifestyle today’s Instagrammers desire, complete with perfect filter, then you probably shouldn’t bother posting!

Then there’s formatting to think about. A range of wide landscape (for website headers), narrow portrait (for Instagram stories) and any number of formats for various social media platforms are all required in order to get bang for your buck from a single shoot.

Fortunately, Active PR works with a trusted team of photographers nationwide who know the range of shots we need and we ensure our briefs cover every requirement.

Variety is key and, once we have photos back from a shoot, it’s our job to spot the gems that will suit each type of media. Design tools like Canva are perfect to edit shots into social friendly formats and there are a range of ways to take a humble photo and make it speak to a wider audience through engaging captions and creative design.

So there you have it. When you next see a photo, whether it’s supporting a PR news story, Tweet or Instagram post, think about how much time and thought has gone into procuring that perfect photo. We certainly do!