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As PR consultants, when there’s a crisis in the news, we’re constantly being asked what we would do if we were the subject’s advisor.
Thinking back over the years, there’s been many but none have been tricky as two stories I have been challenged on and by coincidence, both are about the royal family.
They feature Meghan Markle and Prince Andrew. Both have face a PR crisis and neither are out of the woods. So what would we recommend?
Meghan’s dilemma is more straight-forward. I’d say ‘share yourselves with the public and let us see more of little Archie’ – do it on Kate’s terms if you want and take the photographs yourself. Secondly I’d ask her not to complain, just moan to Harry and your friends. And finally, I would tell her not to go to war with the ‘family’ – either side. Be seen to get on with them, even if they are pushing you to the limits.
Now for Prince Andrew, who doesn’t sound like he’s listening – his PR quit two weeks before the infamous interview – but on the advice of his daughter and former wife, he went ahead with that fateful interview
The statement he issued after the BBC disastrous broadcast was a step in the right direction, when he expressed his ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein and deeply sympathised with those affected.
But as for the future – I would tell the Prince to stay away from Ghislaine Maxwell, anywhere that will make him perspire and Pizza Express in Worthing.