Ready, steady – no

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Picture the scene – you’ve got the PR campaign ready, the branding, the artwork, the strategy, the whole campaign in place. The product? Oh, wait….

Samsung was recently left red-faced after its new ‘foldable’ device – a phone that unfurls into a tablet – was found to have “breaking issues”, delaying the launch.

No doubt we will soon find ourselves nestled beside someone on a train or bus enjoying the Galaxy Fold’s features. For now, the campaign has fallen flat and hurt Samsung’s reputation for technological innovation. The global giant will no doubt be able to absorb the financial whack, including shelved advertising, cancelled promotional events and wasted time and resources.

The Galaxy Fold’s ‘teething issues’ show the importance of planning and attention to detail. In our era of high-speed internet and rampaging social media, we can hear in a matter of seconds how great or not-so-great something is. This ‘need for speed’ might well have played a contributory factor in Samsung’s haste to get its new phone out amid other strong competitors vying to get their product into your pocket or handbag.

Samsung wisely retreated to the drawing board, ready to fight another day. The product will face an uphill task to win over a doubting public. They say “there are no mistakes in life, only learning opportunities.” With that in mind, we await the next technological innovations designed to transform our lives.