See the positives in our new situation

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We’re already hearing stories about how the world is slowly being able to recuperate since lockdowns have taken place in countries all over the globe.
With less people out and about roads are quieter and air is cleaner, Venice’s usual dark and muddy waterways have become visibly clearer in the absence of boat traffic and the restrictions in China have meant that the countries carbon dioxide emissions dropped.

According to The Climate Group working from home has the potential to reduce over 300 MILLION tonnes of carbon emissions per year plus all the other benefits such as being able to have a better work/life balance and no time wasted during the morning commute.

Other positives include:
· Spending time with family
· Taking time to do things around the home such as de-cluttering a wardrobe/ having a big spring clean
· Enjoying regular calls and FaceTime’s with family members we can’t spend time with

One thing is for sure, when we come out the other side of Covid-19, we will all have a new appreciation for life and spending time with those we hold close and no matter how hard our current situation may be, there are always positive things to look out for.