The future of PR in a post-lockdown world

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If, like me, you’re shocked at how long life has felt like it’s been on pause for thanks to the pandemic, you’ve probably wondered if things will ever get back to ‘normal’.
And while some of us might prefer for things to stay as they are for the time being, it got me thinking about the future of PR and how it feels like, in some cases, it’s become more important than ever for companies to continue to promote their work, albeit, in new ways.
Here at Active PR our clients mainly work in the property industry and so while construction and sales were put on hold, things are slowly getting back to pre-lockdown output.
Sales launches, show home openings and community events would normally be a regular occurrence throughout the year and even more so during the summer with us organising many a summer garden party.
But now of course things are different but that doesn’t mean we can’t speak to the community or their target markets.
Social media has always been a fast way to communicate with audiences. Now, like before it can be used to promote everything, but with visitors potentially being hesitant to physically visit developments, social media channels can allow them a virtual visit with walk through videos, interviews with sales teams and keep them up to date with what’s available.
Virtual community events are also something I’m seeing a lot more of. Live streamed classical concerts, yoga classes and even cocktail making classes are all being done so developers can keep the community spirit alive and still connect with their residents.
While we don’t know how long life will be like this for, it’s been great to see how fast industries have adapted to the changing world and proved that even though life stood still for a while, we can still continue to work with our clients to get their news out there.