The new school year is back and it got us thinking….is it too early to say the ‘C’ Word?

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Summer is over, the small kids are back in school and the big kids are off to university but at Active PR, September means we start thinking about Christmas.

Every year we organise events that bring communities together on behalf of our developer clients and promote the good work our clients do throughout the UK so you could say it’s something we’ve become pretty good at over the years.

Preparation is key and if you know what the main aim of the event is, whether it’s an event aimed at families or something more tailored to an older audience, once you know what you want to achieve, the rest comes quite easily!

Venue is also crucial, a location too far away from targeted guests may mean they don’t attend and if a space is too small, this might result in people leaving too soon. Show homes at developments are perfect places to host events as they also help you promote the homes on offer however if a larger space is needed, local community centres or restaurants would also work.

To promote the event to as wide an audience as possible, PR and advertising is essential. This can be done through traditional PR channels including sending releases to the local media as well as promoting the event on social media channels and even ‘boosting’ them to a wider audience using paid for posts.

Database emails to customers who’ve registered their interest in developments and leafletting around to residents who live on the development is another quick and easy way to get the word around. Using an RSVP function on database emails is a good way to keep tabs on numbers of guests too!

It’s always good to organise a photographer to capture as many moments as possible (and also to use with some follow up PR too).

Finally depending on who will be attending, as it’s Christmas, it’s always good to have some entertainment. Whether that be in the form of Santa handing presents out to children, craft activities or even Reindeer making a surprise visit. If the event is aimed at adults, food and drink is always a big hit- a Christmas-themed buffet and carol singers will be guaranteed to get everyone feeling festive.

If you would like more information on how we can help with your Christmas events, call us today on 0151 236 2120.