There’s nothing like a good review!

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AS the song goes… “There’s nothing like a good review to start a day out right”. We certainly knew that feeling when we read this independent blog of housebuilders’ social media activity, which singled out one of our clients – Redrow Homes – as ‘best in class’ for its use of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

As the PR team driving that activity, we were delighted to receive such a rave review, and particularly pleased with the reasons RDPR give for singling out Redrow’s social media accounts for praise, including:

Twitter: We found its staff to be quick and efficient in responding to complaints and not limited by the constraints of office hours. Its feed is varied and engaging – tying in brilliantly to on-site content, like its beautifully presented interior’s guide for 2014. Similarly, the social team are unafraid to link to interesting third-party content and shy away from being overtly self-promotional for the most part.

LinkedIn: Of the housebuilders we looked into, the most active on the network were Persimmon and Redrow. Both made use of LinkedIn as a means to advertise job vacancies, however, we feel Redrow comes out on top once again due to the savvy way it also employs the network as a bulletin board for company news and goings-on.

Facebook: Redrow’s social staff were extremely active, but didn’t let their sharing get in the way of using the platform as an effective customer service tool.  And the lack of subsequent comment spam from affected individuals could indicate they were successful in fielding their complaints.

Since we began managing Redrow’s social platforms back in early 2012, we’ve increased the company’s follower counts dramatically by creating content that has successfully engaged users. We also utilise the platforms as effective customer service tools.

We understand that social media is a two-way street. It’s not about the hard sell, but about engaging with your followers, showing you care about your customers and giving your brand a personality.

Social media management and monitoring is a service we offer to all our clients and, whether you’re just looking to dip your toe in the water or you want to take the plunge and grow your audiences, we can create a bespoke social strategy for your business.

So if you’ve read our review and would like to find out how we can help your business to grow its social media presence call us on 0151 236 2120.