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OFCOM research suggests, perhaps unsurprisingly, that UK adults are spending longer online and that predominantly this is via smart phones.
According to their stats, we’re online via our phones more than two and a half hours a day and 35% of that time is on sites owned by Facebook or Google.
Some 70% of UK adults have a social media account and one in every five minutes spent online is on social media.
I’d rather not know how much time I’ve wasted idly scrolling through social media while cooking dinner, waiting for friends etc!
But as a fan of the eighties TV show Why Don’t You – a children’s programme that encouraged viewers to turn off their television sets in favour of doing something less boring instead – I recognise the value of a digital detox.
On my daily dog walks my phone is firmly in my pocket – used simply to track my steps and the time.
And during a recent bucket list trip to Cuba I embraced the country’s restrictions on the internet reducing the time I spent online to three hours a week and using my phone as a camera.
It’s only in the last six months that Cubans have been granted access to mobile internet on their phones and from July private WiFi networks in homes will be allowed (currently they have to go to a government-sanctioned hotspot).
It’s stark contrast to the UK where we take digital for granted – whatever we want to know we can generally find at the touch of a button and the same goes for sharing information with others.
Online is a fantastic tool for marketeers, particularly when it comes to targeting key demographics.
Much of the working day at Active PR is spent online – disseminating client press releases, researching content ideas, posting on and monitoring social media – and so our usage is probably much higher than average.
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