Why good news matters

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From Captain, now Major Sir, Tom’s fundraising to communities coming together to support one another, there has been some good news during the pandemic.

While the war veteran’s epic walk captured our hearts and imaginations, the feel good factor it brought – along with millions for NHS charities – hasn’t gone unnoticed by media outlets.

Often seen as the bearer of bad news even in the best of times, the mainstream media has in recent months and weeks started shifting its news agenda.

‘Fluffy’ stories about children fundraising by growing and then donating their hair, or octogenarians with dementia playing the piano, used to be space fillers in papers or “and finally” closing pieces on broadcast news. But as we all need some light relief from the serious side of life right now, more of these types of stories are making headline news.

At Active PR we’ve long advocated that clients should play an active role in their communities be that through investment, voluntary donations of time, money or services, or facilities provided.

Supporting a local good cause, even in a relatively small way, can make a big difference not only to the community but to how journalists and the public see your brand. Along with traditional mainstream media coverage, a good deed is likely to generate more social media engagement and emotional reaction to your brand than your latest product launch.