Why I’m using tinsel to spruce up my tree!

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Teaching me the finer points of how to decorate a Christmas tree, a very talented interior designer told me that tinsel was a no-go.  My face blushed as bright as twinkling lights as I denied my own creation contained the glittering decoration.

I wasn’t brave enough to ask about my children’s home-made decorations, including toilet roll angels, foil covered egg cup bells and hand decorated (by a three year old) ancient baubles.

Thankfully, it appears the nation is as divided when it comes to festive décor, with one in four of us disliking displays by our neighbours.

This was highlighted this week when one street, in Hampshire, was divided, with one side festooned in thousands of lights and the other side of the road in the shadows.

The neighbours on the darker side of the road say visitors to see the annual winter wonderland are causing chaos and they are fed up. Which means that one man’s (or woman’s) ‘Santa please visit’ sign is another man’s inappropriate advertising.

Meanwhile, I have reached a compromise – we have become a two tree home. The anything goes tree features our multi-coloured tinsel and all the home-made decorations.  The other metallic themed version draws its inspiration from the elegant trees in the interior design magazines.  I know which one is my favourite ….